With what kind of appliances do you work with in a STILL kitchen


What can you expect from the STILL service?

As kitchen builders, we take our responsibility seriously. To ensure that the kitchen always serves you best and to extend its lifespan, we are happy to visit annually for a maintenance service of the kitchen and appliances.

Basic service
Full service
24/7 service
Maintenance natural stone
Aligning cabinets
Replace filters and seals
Repair damages
Continuous warranty

Any questions?

  • Reducing waste through high-quality kitchens with a long lifespan – this is Still’s mission. At Still we choose our suppliers carefully. Wherever possible, we choose the most durable and sustainable alternative. We are constantly searching for suppliers that embrace this movement and want to add their own contribution. Safeguarding circularity in all facets is a work in progress. If you would like to know more about supplier choices, you are welcome to contact us or consult our annual reports.

  • If you are the first user, your kitchen will arrive newly manufactured from our workshop. If it is moved or replaced, your kitchen will then enter circulation. In the material passport, we show the origin of the materials as clearly as possible.  

    We try to reuse parts and equipment as much as possible. Defective appliances and parts are reallocated if possible, in cooperation with the suppliers. 

  • Our aim is a 100% circular kitchen. Circularity throughout the chain, from production to installation and relocation in every one of the kitchen’s parts and accessories. This is not yet the reality, but we are working every day to achieve this. 

    Still considers it important to include you in our circular aims. Our ambition is community-based. We provide annual reports on the goals and challenges we have achieved. We will also continuously challenge the other parties involved in the chain. These reports are always available to you. 

  • The materials in the kitchen are of high quality and require some special attention in use and cleaning. We have put together a maintenance booklet with instructions for using and cleaning the kitchen and equipment. It includes, for instance, what sort of material you can – and cannot – use to clean the surfaces. To guarantee the kitchen’s long life, we ask you to follow these instructions and to make sure that whoever handles this for you follows the recommendations. 

  • If a situation occurs that is dangerous to your environment, or the repair is necessary to prevent worse damage, we advise you, of course, to do whatever is needed to prevent that. Contact us immediately thereafter, and in any emergency repairs, keep the circular concept in mind. Replacement of parts (materials and/or equipment) can only be made by Still. 

    If there is an urgent situation, for instance your sports team is heading over to your house for a dinner party, definitely call us to discuss it. If you’re unable to reach us, we request that you hold off on the repair until you’ve ad a chance to discuss it with Still. 


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